Line Dance

Length / year

12' - 2005


string orchestra

Performance history

World Premiere
The Gate, Cardiff
23rd September 2005
Sinfonia Cymru
Gareth Jones (Conductor)

European Premiere
Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
20th May 2006
Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra Orpheus
Raicho Christov - conductor

German Premiere
Brauweiler, Koln, Germany
10th March 2007
Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra Orpheus
Raicho Christov - conductor

Programme note

The title of the piece was suggested to me by the synchronous bowing of the whole string orchestra for the opening series of reiterated chords. Indeed, the opening bars give the clue to the whole piece. It is a single movement work, with a single fast pulse that continues throughout. It is also entirely modal. In addition to the repeated chords, the interval of the third (major and minor) can also be heard prominently at the very beginning. This too is characteristic of the work.

The bright, lively and optimistic mood persists as the work develops. It is in several dance-like sections. These can be fairly clearly heard. The third section, which opens with pizzicato strings, is light and playful. The rhythmic and metrical patterns here are exactly repeated three times - but each time with a different set of notes. The third repetition leads into an even livelier section featuring the reiterated chords in polyrhythms, that is to say moving at different speeds from one another - like traffic in lanes on a motorway. At the end of this, the tempo slackens just momentarily before introducing a sweeping, melodic section which, after beginning quietly, leads the work on to an even brighter and more optimistic conclusion.

'Line Dance' was commissioned by Myles Pepper for Arts Wave, Fishguard and by Sinfonia Cymru.